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Formatting Help

05 Mar 2012, 18:30 UTC

Block Formatting

To format regular text, type lines in without leading whitespace. Blank lines yield paragraph breaks.

Regular text

Regular text

To enter an unordered list, start each line with space, asterisk, space.

 * Unordered
 * List
  • Unordered
  • List

To enter an ordered list, start each line with space, number, space. You can follow the number with a dot if you like.

 1. Ordered
 3. List
  1. Ordered
  2. List

To enter code, start each line with closed curly brace, space.

} Code in a box
Code in a box

To enter terminal text (e.g. commands), start each line with pipe, space.

| > rm -fr *
> rm -fr *

To show an image (centered, with or without caption) use the format below. The alt text is not optional but the caption is optional.

]|Some alt text|A teddy bear yesterday
Some alt text
A teddy bear yesterday

(Note that images are not available in comments.)

To display a header, start the line with one or more + signs.

+ Level 1
++ Level 2
+++ Level 3

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Inline Formatting

I like to write variable names, function names, etc. using an inline monospace font. Enclose the text with two pairs of curly braces to achieve this.

Inline {{code}} fragments

Inline code fragments

To enter a simple weblink, just enclose the URL in two pairs of square brackets.

Simple link [[]]

Simple link

Within a weblink, you can use the pipe character to specify a different link text.

Complex [[link|]]

Complex link

Add italics using double forward slash

I am //italic//

I am italic

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